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If you are looking for Non Woven Fabric Companies in Egypt

1.MS Group For Non-Wovens

Address: Unnamed Road، محافظة القاهرة‬، Egypt
Phone: +20244875116
Plus: 7FFM+QC 10th of Rammadan Desert, Egypt
MS was first established in 2010 in Al-Obour City, Egypt. Over the past few years the company was able to become one of the first leading non-woven fabric manufacturers in the country. In a couple of years MS has proven reliability and created strong customer relations with large Egyptian enterprises. We have also worked with countries in Asia, Middle East & Africa. Consequently we acquire the newest technologies in the field in order to provide our customers with the highest quality and services. We consistently invest in our human and capital resources to maintain competitive position. The company is still seeking further growth and aims to expand both locally and internationally


2 .Gulsan Egypt For Non-Woven Industries

Address: Polaris El Zamil Industrial Area, 6th of October City، Giza Governorate, Egypt
Phone: +20238227100
Plus: WRRX+HR 6th of October City (2), Egypt


  • Non Woven Fabric
  • Filtration Material
  • Reusable Custom Bags
  • Felt

Non woven fabric companies in egypt

  • Gulsan Egypt is founded in 2013 and is the leading Nonwoven manufacturing plant in Egypt.
  • Gulsan Egypt is direct investment of Gulsan Holding Turkey ( www.gulsanholding.com) .
  • Our nonwoven fabrics are manufactured with the world’s best European technology with the 20.000 tons/year capacity in Egypt plant.
  • With our advanced technology and experience ,we produce high quality ,ultra lightweight and diversified nonwovens fabrics , PE film and textile backsheet for use baby diapers,adult incontience and femcare applications.
  • Our entire building and production fields are designed to fully meet hygiene standards and produce in accordance with EDANA norms. Our facilities are highly valued and approved by the global and local leading baby diaper manufacturers
  • Gulsan which prioritize technology,quality and customer satisfaction has proven that it has the best service to baby diaper , adult incontience and femcare industries in terms of its production and quality.
  • Gulsan Film plant has started production in 2011 Gaziantep,Turkey . With the latest European technology and with Gulsan quality principles , we produce PE film and textile backsheet for use baby diapers,adult incontience and femcare applications.
  • The film plant is strongly dedicated and expertise only in hygiene products with capacity of 900,000,000 m2 per year.

3.Pegas nonwovens egypt

Address: WVR7+Q2F, 6th of October City (2), Giza Governorate, Egypt
Phone:  +20238234789
Plus code: WVR7+Q2F، قسم ثان 6 أكتوبر، الجيزة


  • Polyester
  • Poly Cotton
  • Lycra
  • Masks and Elastics
  • Microfibre Champion shinning

Non woven fabric companies in uk egypt


PFNonwovens as and the companies controlled by it are members of the PFNonwovens Group subject to the unified management of PFNonwovens Holding sro This notification is made in accordance with the provisions of Section 79 (3) of Act No. 90/2012 Coll., On Business Corporations, as amended.



4.Al-Ahram for Non Woven Fabrics الأهرام للأقمشة الغير منسوجة

Address:Unnamed Road, Bahig, Borg El Arab, Alexandria Governorate, Egypt
Plus: VJJ3+XF Borg El Arab, Egypt


  • Liquid Filtration Media
  • Face Mask Media
  • Sorbent Media
  • Vacuum Bags

ANF [Al-Ahram For Non-Woven Fabrics] is a privately held company based in Alexandria – Egypt. Established in 2021 to manufacture nonwoven products. ANF is the first company in Egypt & The Middle East to produce Spunlace Non-Woven fabrics.ANF strives to be strong in diversity and support its customers in a reliable and sustainable manner. We ensure providing the needs of our local market ensuring the diversity structure needed with high customizability. Products mainly include nonwoven fabrics manufactured utilizing within its components bio-degradable materials, thus environmentally friendly operations. Additional value added is achieved by ensuring water recycling operations across the whole production cycle. ANF team is driven to be trustworthy, responsive and dynamically entrepreneurial to improve and develop products for their customers.




5.Green Egypt Group

Address:17 El Shaheed Gamal El Fasakhany St.، Almazah, Heliopolis, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
Plus:17 El Shaheed Gamal El Fasakhany St.، الماظة، قسم مصر الجديدة، محافظة القاهرة‬




Non woven fabric companies in egypt

Green Egypt Group mission is to Produce high quality Minerals (non woven fabric ,Calcium Carbonate, Talc, Silica, Kaolin) from the best sources For the wide range of industrial application as Surface Treated Carbonate, Talc Powder and Silica Flour. by using highest technology for both Local and International markets .
We put all our resources to obtain high quality products for wide range of Industrial Applications.
Also we put all our resources to obtain customer’s satisfaction in both domestic and international markets assuring our best services and performance.



6.Altawfiq for plastic and woven sacks-Egypt

Address:7RXF+JRP, 10th of Rammadan Second, Cairo Governorate, Egypt
Plus: 7RXF+JRP، ثان العاشر من رمضان، محافظة القاهرة‬


  • Non-Woven Products
  • pillows case usage
  • Face Mask Media

Non woven fabric companies in uk egypt

Al Tawfiq Co. for Plastic & Woven sacks Ind. Ltd. is a limited liability company, promoted by renowned industrialists, and situated on the coast of Red Sea in Jeddah, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, and in 10th of Ramadan City, Egypt.To become market leader through an enhanced product range covering the high requirement of local and export markets .Provide all our customers with high quality products, competitive prices, & total customer satisfaction with a firm commitment to preserve the environment for our society .Win – Win policy towards both shareholders & Employees, Customers & Suppliers, by commitment to quality, creativity, innovations and rewards.


7.Ahmed Shawki Al Keei, Berket an Nasr, Al Salam First, Cairo Governorate, Egypt

Address:Bath Rd, Bridgwater TA6 4NZ, United Kingdom
Phone: +201278428500
Plus:4CV2+35 Al Salam First, Egypt


Non woven fabric companies egypt



Our story begins over a century ago when Noaman Hesni began trading silk and other fabrics in Egypt. Over the years a family business was formed into the regional leaders in textile manufacturing and services. We provide value across the supply chain contributing to the rich history of the Egyptian textile industry and its growth. Hesni incorporates numerous product lines and production facilities offering clients the largest collection of original designs and fabrics in Egypt.

Our quality control laboratories are certified and comply with International testing methods.

The technicians use some of the best equipment available to perform a variety of tests that check the physical and chemical properties of the fabrics making sure they satisfy the needed requirements.


8.Alamal nonwoven

Address:CH8V+GM8, El Sadat City Desert, Menofia Governorate, Egypt

Phone: +201116000416
Plus:CH8V+GM8، الظهير الصحراوى لمدينة السادات، المنوفية
  • Nonwoven Fabrics
  • Magnum Pipe
  • Microdux™
  • Polymesh

Non woven fabric companies egypt

Company profile:

Alamal factory for spinning and nonwoven where established in 1998 by the founder Adel Aziz Ebrahim. Alamal factory started with spinning ‘polyester DTY’ until it reached the highest technology and quality standards by producing 500 tons monthly. At 2016 Alamal factory started investing in new project ‘SMS NONWOVEN FABRICS’ with the hightest technology Reicofil 4 design which is the leading technology in the hygiene and medical fabrics with a capacity 500 tons monthly. Alamal factory is looking forward to be the best quality donners in the middle east

and Africa.

The Techtex innovation drive means that we produce unique, market-focused products which are designed, manufactured and packaged to the specifications set by our customers – all with remarkable speed and efficiency.



9 .Goldentex Wool Co.

Address: 1st Industrial Zone, 10th of Ramadan, El Sharkeya، Egypt, Egypt
Plus:6PRF+FH 10th of Ramadan City 1, Egypt

Product :

  • Non woven fabric
  • Folded Fabric
  • Microfiber Clothes

Non woven fabric companies in egypt

We aspire to reach the top, and to stay there. Each day, we move one step closer to our vision through continuing to offer excellent quality and service to our customers, maintaining their loyalty, expanding our customer base, and much more. We thrive to offer the best we can through our capabilities, constantly developing and improving them to remain in the game and keep up with the latest trends and developments.

Our values preliminarily comprise of delivering the promised quality, being dedicated to our customers, ensuring ethical production which does not contribute any harm to the environment, and giving back to the society.

Over the years, Goldentex; one of many companies owned by Arafa Holding, has proven to meet its promise; optimal quality, value, unique designs, and customer satisfaction. Our customers have remained our top priority throughout the years, we thrive to fulfil their needs and wants, delivering a product that realizes their vision and gives their garments a competitive edge in the market.

Moreover, the company has managed to earn multiple prestigious rewards and certifications in the field, proving its dedication to ensuring finest quality and the latest trends are delivered to customers after being designed and manufactured in-house with cutting-edge technology and highest attention to detail.

10.Salamtex Lace

Address:Block 13024, Piece 10 – 14 (Intersection roads 100 and 53) Industrial Zone, (A), Obour City, Al Qalyubia Governorate, Egypt
Plus:5FQ7+PF Al Obour, Egypt


  • Face Mask Media
  • Sorbent Media
  • Vacuum Bags

Established in 1936, Salamtex has been recognized as the leading manufacturer of lace fabrics in the Middle East and North Africa with an international client base spanning over 15 countries.

Salamtex has an ever-expanding product range of specialty textiles serving the intimate apparel industry, as well as the medical sector. The company has world-class capabilities of draughting, designing, warping, knitting, dyeing, finishing, flocking, coating, shearing, carbon fishing, scalloping and packing.

Over more than 30 years, Salamtex has expanded into a variety of fields, and established its first dye-house specialized in the lightweight, elastic and technical synthetic fabrics, with a capacity of 120 tons/month. Moreover, it has its own quality, dye lab, and microbiological lab to comply with international standards.

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