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By Coco

If you are looking for Non Woven Fabric Companies in UK

1. Nonwovens Network

Address: School of Design University of, Leeds LS2 9JT, United Kingdom
Phone: +441133433758
Plus: RC4V+MJ Leeds, United Kingdom

Non woven fabric companies uk

The Nonwovens Network UK was established in 1997, jointly by the British Textile Technology Group, the University of Leeds and Nonwovens Report International.
The initiative came from UK Industry, who aired the view that as there was no official body or association for them to refer to, the Industry had no means by which they could meet up, discuss ideas and generally ‘get to know’ each other.
Hence the Nonwovens Network UK became a ‘loose association of like-minded people who would meet together twice a year at an annual dinner and annual seminar’. Access to training and R&D development was also to be made available.
The Network is supported by over 200 UK members who regularly attend the various events.

The benefits of Nonwovens Network Membership include:

  • A free place at the annual dinner in December;
  • Concessionary rates at the annual Seminar, which typically takes place in June or July;
  • Concessionary rates for nonwovens training courses


2 .BFF Technical Fabrics

Address:Bath Rd, Bridgwater TA6 4NZ, United Kingdom
Phone: +441278428500
Plus: 42Q9+P8 Bridgwater, United Kingdom


  • Non Woven Fabric
  • Filtration Material
  • Reusable Custom Bags
  • Felt

We believe that experience matters. The experience people have with your products, and the experience you have with your technical partners.

Innovation, collaboration and customisation

That’s why, through innovation, collaboration and customisation, we help enhance your products, disrupt your competitors and guide your growth. The result? We create revolutionary products for extraordinary experiences.

Solving the unsolvable.Complex challenges? Thorny problems? Difficult circumstances? Bring it on. For over 60 years, we’ve relished wrestling with exacting briefs to engineer innovative solutions.

3.Warren Nonwovens Ltd

Address: Burbage Rd, Burbage, Hinckley LE10 2TP, United Kingdom
Phone:  +441455891891
Plus code:  GJQV+W7 Hinckley, United Kingdom


  • Polyester
  • Poly Cotton
  • Lycra
  • Masks and Elastics
  • Microfibre Champion shinning


Non woven fabric companies UK

Warren Nonwovens Ltd specialises in the development and supply of technical nonwovens. Established in 1989 to supply the growing demand for nonwovens in the footwear and nappy/diaper industries. Whilst both manufacturing industries have long since declined in the UK, the rapid development of nonwoven technology means that our fabrics now touch almost every walk of life and industry.

We work in long-term partnership with a select and very carefully chosen group of world class overseas nonwovens manufacturers for whom we are exclusive sales representatives. We work only with manufacturers that are committed to providing quality cost effective products combined with a strong ethos of research and development focused upon value added materials.



4.John Cotton (Nonwovens Division) Ltd.

Address: Nunbrook Mills, Huddersfield Rd, Mirfield WF14 0EH, United Kingdom
Phone: +441924496571
Plus: M7PG+5H Mirfield, United Kingdom


  • Liquid Filtration Media
  • Face Mask Media
  • Sorbent Media
  • Vacuum Bags

Non woven fabric companies UK

The John Cotton Nonwovens Division is based in the heart of Yorkshire and is the UK’s leading supplier of thermal and mechanically bonded nonwoven products into various markets such as the mattress, insulated packaging, filtration, automotive, upholstery and home insulation industries.

An annual investment in over £2 million allows us to drive innovation through dedicated research and development, new machinery, staff training and drives continuous overall efficiencies, by following the IATF 16949:2016 Automotive Quality Management System Standard.

The business’ DNA is passionate about sustainability which has always been a natural part of our ethos. We are experts in textile fibre recovery from industrial or consumer bi-products and source a large proportion of our polyester fibre from recycled plastic waste, therefore eliminating plastic waste from entering into the oceans and landfill. We are striving to extend our vision into the circular economy by initially targeting ISO 14001.


5.Lantor UK

Address:Rumworth Mill, St Helens Rd, Bolton BL3 3PR, United Kingdom
Plus:HH72+H9 Bolton, United Kingdom



Non woven fabric companies in uk (2)

we’ve worked closely with major corporations across numerous industries to develop innovative, customized, high quality fabrics. We design, service and manufacture particulate filter bags for all dust collector systems, fabrics and filters for liquid filtration applications, high temperature and synthetic felts for the aluminum, glass and steel industries and smart fabrics for hydrocarbon containment.



6.Mike Reynolds Industrial Fabrics

Address:Crosshill Terrace, Wormit, Newport-on-Tay DD6 8PS, United Kingdom
Plus:C2GG+FW Newport-on-Tay, United Kingdom


  • Non-Woven Products
  • pillows case usage
  • Face Mask Media

Non woven fabric companies uk

Are you looking for an industrial fabric supplier? Perhaps you need a commercial filter or screen?

Let Mike Reynolds Industrial Fabrics find the solution to your problem. We specialise in supplying filters, industrial fabrics and other materials for a variety of different applications. We work on your behalf to source the best product, at the most cost effective price, with the fastest and most efficient service.

We have been established for over 25 years and have gained a great reputation for providing tailor made solutions to our clients’ problems. We work with and supply products and materials for a huge variety of industries, including general manufacturing, oil and gas, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, printing, extractive industries, photographics, food processing, hydraulics and research & development. Our customers are based throughout the world, from Europe to China, Africa and India.



Address:Bath Rd, Bridgwater TA6 4NZ, United Kingdom
Phone: +441278428500
Plus:42Q9+Q5 Bridgwater, UK


Our leading technical partners provide vital analysis capabilities and expertise on key performance measurements.NIRI provide high level analysis capabilities, which supports our understanding of new fabric designs.Intertek and BTTG provide confirmation of achieved performance through physical evaluation testing.Julian Bickford is our product development lead for InduTech.



Address:7 & 8, Rhodes Business Park, Silburn Way, Middleton, Manchester M24 4NE, United Kingdom

Phone: +441616433000
Plus:GQVG+8V Manchester, United Kingdom


  • Nonwoven Fabrics
  • Magnum Pipe
  • Microdux™
  • Polymesh

Non woven fabric companies in uk 32 (1)

At Techtex, we believe that innovation is the key to success.

Investment in people, systems and manufacturing technology has always been at the core of our growth plans. As a result, Techtex has lead the way in many industry innovations. Techtex was the first independent UK nonwovens converter to gain accreditation under ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 14001:2015.

With unrivalled customer service, technical expertise and quality products no other UK-based nonwoven conversion and supply company has the same diversity of products for such a wide cross-section of markets. As a dynamic and customer-focused business, we are constantly striving to develop new products for existing applications and indeed new applications for existing products. We are committed to working with customers and suppliers, who share the same objectives in terms of innovative, forward-thinking product development. As a result, we have also forged strong links with a number of leading academic research centres around the UK.

Whatever the challenge, our talented team of staff will advise on, and source, the most appropriate fabric and technical solution. The Techtex innovation drive means that we produce unique, market-focused products which are designed, manufactured and packaged to the specifications set by our customers – all with remarkable speed and efficiency.



9 .Palmhive Technical Textiles Ltd

Address: NTG House, Willow Rd, Lenton, Nottingham NG7 2TA, United Kingdom
Plus:WRRF+JV Nottingham, United Kingdom

Product :

  • Non woven fabric
  • Folded Fabric
  • Microfiber Clothes


  • Our focus is creating and supplying technical fabrics for industrial applications.Whether a fabric ‘novice’ or technical textiles ‘expert’ we work alongside you to design and manufacture an exact material to meet your performance requirement.There are endless combinations of constructions and special finishes that Palmhive can adopt and we will guide you methodically through the options.Supplying over 4 million metres of high-performance textiles each year, our fabrics become critical components for a wide range of industries all over the world.

    The operation of our material is vital to so many sectors. Body armour, patient lifting devices, medical dressings, engine hoses, contract furnishings, baby carriers and military camouflages are just a few of the diverse areas where we are trusted to deliver.

10.Walltex UK

Address:Kandola House, Pool St, Wolverhampton WV2 4HN, United Kingdom
Plus:HVH9+7M Wolverhampton, United Kingdom


  • Face Mask Media
  • Sorbent Media
  • Vacuum Bags

Non woven fabric companies in uk

Walltex UK is a leading textile lamination manufacturer offering exclusive backing and finishing services to reinforce your supplied fabrics for extra strength and durability.

Enhanced material backings allows us to work with even the most challenging fabrics for example fine silks, linen, crushed velvets, embroideries, synthetic blends and much more.Based in the heart of England we have invested in state of the art machines to offer this bespoke service with excellent results due to modern lamination processes. Therefore considerably reducing bowing, distortion and discolouring of fabrics which can be caused by excessive heat and pressure.Customers can select lamination services such as knit backing, paper backing, FR Acoustic Foam, FR interlining, FR backing, FR blackout, PU28 fire barrier, bonding & crystallisation.

As a fabric backing specialists we can bond multiple layers to create unique wall coverings, draperies, upholsteries, home décor and fashion accessories. For example we can paper-back your linen fabric with additional layer of FR Acoustic Foam for sound absorption.Our exceptional techniques and quick turnaround service has put us at the forefront to work with leading designers, contractors, fabric converters and manufacturers. We can work on all kinds of projects and have a wealth of experience working alongside designers and contractors with detailed requirements and tight deadlines.

Our team is more than happy to advise you on suitable solutions for your needs, therefore providing performance enhanced fabrics that last longer.

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